incorrect plant information (5/20/2023)
Elderberries are monoecious not dioecious.

Thank you Josh and you are correct, my mistake. - Jeff McMillian, Almost Eden

Josh - NY/USA
Great plant (12/23/2020)
I bought this plant and ended up putting it into a largish container and bringing it inside during the one freeze we've had so far. It's in front of a south facing window and I gave it some fertilizer because new leaves started quickly. The plant is healthy and I think will last well in the container until I can get it put into the ground.

Kristin - Louisiana
Wonderful Plant (2/27/2016)
I received my plant in perfect condition, and it started growing immediately. It is now covered in new green growth. I haven't had the plant long enough to see blooms or berries yet, but the plant itself is doing wonderfully. Where I live, this plant is probably considered more of a natural, background shrub, but I just love this as a specimen plant.

Zachary - Virginia, US

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