Planter (3/11/2024)
A friend in Pearland, tx had a sky vine growing like mad last summer. She encouraged me to try one too. I live in Richmond Texas. I repotted plant in a large pot with good soil, put on south side of screened porch; plant has cement support for growth. May try growing it up to cover pergola, but it’s really hot with direct sun all day. Ill use fishing line for vine support later. Looks pretty good so far.

Naomi - Gulf Coast texas
Healthy & Hardy (8/18/2021)
I received my Blue Sky Vine during the blazing summer. A friend in San Antonio had posted pics of their vine, so wanted to have one. It arrived packaged quite well and although just a 4 in pot was larger than I expected. It seems to be ready to go in the ground and I just received 2 days ago. Can't wait to see the blooms. I have taken to ordering online because the nurseries I visit seem to have the same as the big corporate nurseries. I like the selection and I don't have to find a bedraggled nursery helper to answer my questions.

Sharon - Texas/USA

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