Great Plant (4/27/2019)
Have grown this plant in my garden for four years. It's absolutely beautiful when in bloom. It grows in partial shade on a mild slope in acidic sandy loam soil. I never water it, and it's still lovely.

Laura - Palestine, TX
Another Great Plant (7/9/2018)
I got this as a replacement for the spiderwort I lost in the August 2016 floods. This plant is a great pass along plant when established. It arrived well packed with a very healthy root system and has been blooming since I planted it in April. Thank you for another great plant!

Sherri - Louisiana, USA
Will take over your entire garden (5/4/2017)
I planted one of these and within 3 years it took over the entire garden and lawn. Round-up doesn't touch this one - must be dug out by the root not fun. I was so enthralled with the color that I fell for it and soon regretted it. If you have an area for naturalizing - this is a good plant for that as it will choke out almost everything else.

Nancy - Tampa Bay area , Florida

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