Don't kid yourself about deer resistance (7/19/2020)
Deer will strip this camellia bare. I listened to the tales of ''almost'' deer resistant. It is a bunch of hooey. Deer come up to our camellia tree all year long and strip it bare. By the time the leaves start to come again, they are back removing them all. This plant is not deer resistant, Deer love it. I have tried every type of motion detector known to mankind and none of them work. I have decided just to dig it up and replace it with a dwarf oleander. Such a pity too since I love this plant.

We are sorry to hear that the deer stripped your Camellia and know how frustrating that can be. Unfortunately deer resistance is a relative term and there is almost nothing that hungry deer will not eat but Camellias are generally a second choice. We have a few hundred mature Camellias in the ground here with deer trails that pass through the middle of them and deer that use them on a nightly basis and have yet to see any signs of browse. So yes they can eat Camellias but they generally prefer other browse when it is available. - Jeff McMillian

Edward - Florida

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