Easy carefree fast growing pretty (12/30/2019)
The sweetbay magnolia is a set it and forget it tree. It has a delicate dainty look, but it’s tough as nails, and it grows very very fast. Five years ago I planted one that was about 5 feet tall, and it’s over 20 feet now.

I love the soft silvery green color on the underside of the leaves. When they blow in the wind they sort of shimmer. It’s so pretty.

The top of the leaves are a much brighter green than the Southern magnolia and the little gem magnolia. It’s a happy green. The flowers of the sweetbay smell lovely and are very pretty. However due to their smaller size, they can’t compete with those of the southern magnolia. Overall though I think the sweetbay is a prettier tree.

Sweetbay leaves last over a week in flower arrangements. I use them all year long in vases and centerpieces.

Sweetbay magnolias look very pretty planted in groupings of 3.

Bridget - LA/USA

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