One of my Favorite Shrubs (8/22/2020)
I have three varieties of Abelia and by far, this is my favorite. In fact, this particular Abelia is one of my most favorite plants in my garden, and my entire backyard is a garden.

My Canyon Creek Abelia is 2 years old now. I moved it in its first 6 months so it had a rough start, but the move didn't seem to hold it back.

This Abelia holds absolutely lovely spring & fall foliage, and its blooms are a soft shade of pink with a light sweet fragrance. (Very few plants turn colors for me in the fall where I garden in zone 8a.)

My Abelia grows in nutrient-poor sandy loam and gets shade from 8 am to 4 pm and then blasting southern sun from 4 until dark. I can't recommend this plant highly enough.

Laura - east Texas, USA

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