These plants are the best. They come in perfect condition (2/27/2019)
John and his wife put their first foot forward to ensure that you get what you asked for and to ensure that all plants are fresh, not wilted, not without leaves unless it is one that does lose its leaves during winter. These plants come in a pot with dirt, with packing and secured to not move or break in transport and each pot is hand labeled with the name of the plant just in case the tag comes off in unpacking. I'm so spoiled by ordering from them and the speed in which you get these plants and the freshness, quality and secure packaging, that I don't want to order from anyone else in any catalog. A bargain plant is only a bargain if you get all of the above features. I have plants still on hold from a catalog that has been ordered 3 months ago. Then if they come and they are bare roots, if they die they tell you that you only have 30 days to return. Well the plants that are bare root and are dormant don't always show any life during the first 30 days. I'm very spoiled by Almost Eden! Julia Laughlin

Julia Laughlin - 6185 State Road 11, Deleon Springs, FL 32130

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