Would buy from AEP again! (7/1/2021)
Just received two of these plants. They were bigger than I expected, no sign of stress or damage and very well packaged. There was a hand written note from John on the packaging with planting suggestion. I will certainly buy from them again!

Trent - South Carolina
me again (9/9/2018)
In its second summer, this plant has become huge (8+ feet high and 6 feet wide, and should make a great privacy hedge. It flowers all summer.I would suggest some staking and cutting off some of the multiple trunks if you want to control its growth. Some of the trunks will grow out (not up) and I lost one large branches trying to bring it vertical with twine (but still it got huge) (I bought two more this year)

mark - usa
Survived the Freeze (3/7/2018)
I live in the New Orleans area. I bought one of these last year, planted it in spring, and it grew to 3-4 feet the first year. With no special precautions on my part, it survived this years' (2018) record freeze. It is early March and it is blooming

Mark - Louisiana

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