I bought this healthy hibiscus almost a year ago. It is almost five feet tall, in a nice pot next to the front door. It's gorgeous. I love the contrast of the green and white leaves. If that wasn't enough, I love the contrast of the beautiful red flowers against the leaves. It looks stunning.

Marion - Port Charlotte Florida
Beautiful and tough (6/28/2021)
I planted this in spring 2021, after the devastating freeze we endured here in Houston. It's in a tough environmenta pollinator garden located between the sidewalk and the curb that is partially shaded by a big oakand it's not just thriving, it's already blooming.

Amy - Houston
Bigger than expected, growing well. (10/2/2018)
When I read 3inch pot, I expected a plant no more than 6 inches tall and wide, but it was about 20 inches tall and about the same width. It has a thick, sturdy trunk with well spaced branches, and arrived looking healthy, though a little rootbound. I immediately repotted to a larger pot, and expected a little short term die back, but it has just continued growing! I had it in my greenhouse for a bit, with temps gettng up to 100F, and that caused some daytime wilting, so I moved it inside, by a south facing window, and it seems to prefer that. Im very happy with my purchase.

Maurice - Ca

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