Cool Cats for a Cacaphony of Continuous Color! - Beat the heat and cool your heels while these colorful customers do all the heavy lifting! These new kids on the block will provide a summer to fall display reveling in the heat, humidity, and sun of summer.

We've already added more than 170 new plants to our lineup for the 2020 growing season and expect more to come! Shown at left or above on mobile platforms, clockwise from top right: Rockin'© Playin' the Blues© Salvia, Summerific© Perfect Storm Hardy Hibiscus, Luscious© Royale Pina Colada Lantana, Rockin'© Deep Purple Salvia, American Gold Rush Black-Eyed Susan, Machu™ Morado Mexican Petunia, Archangel™ Cherry Red Summer Snapdragon, Daisy Mae Japanese Aster, Buzz™ Hot Raspberry Butterfly Bush, Dark Knight Bluebeard, Splash™ Pinot Grigio Hardy Hibiscus, Summer Carnival Variegated Hardy Hibiscus, Maiden's Jealousy Vine, Summerific© Berry Awesome Hardy Hibiscus.

Rockin'© Playin' the Blues© Salvia: Tall dense clusters of short deep violet-blue tubular flowers emerge from equally colorful calyxes and sit atop a well-branched mound of rich green foliage. This vigorous seedling of Mystic Spires Salvia sports a slightly larger habit eventually building to 3-4' by the end of summer. The flowers attract larger bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Summerific© Perfect Storm Hardy Hibiscus: The large light pink to nearly white flowers with darker veining radiating from the deep burgundy eye are edged with splashes of contrasting rosy pink. The flowers are a standout against the foil of deep burgundy foliage all on a compact plant reaching a mere 3' high and stretching out up to 5' at maturity. Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc.

Luscious© Royale Pina Colada Lantana: highly rated in trials across the US this dwarf and compact Lantana develops into a dense mound of dark green foliage topped by contrasting clusters of white flowers with golden yellow throats. It sports not only slightly larger flowers as compared to other similar cultivars but also nearly sterile flowers meaning it will spend more time and energy flowering and less ripening fruit.

Rockin'© Deep Purple Salvia: this little rockstar produces dense black spikes composed of black calyxes from which large royal purple tubular flowers emerge and are produced throughout the growing season atop densely branching compact plants. Small enough for medium sized containers but big enough to make a summerlong statement in the garden and landscape. Great for hummingbirds!

American Gold Rush Black-Eyed Susan: the 2020 All American Selections Perennial of the Year award winner! This clump forming hybrid native coneflower produces its dark-eyed upward facing golden yellow daisies over an extended period beginning in early summer and continuing into fall all atop a disease resistant compact and well-branched plant. The cone of nectar producing disc flowers attract bees, smaller butterflies, and other garden beneficials. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture.

Machu™ Morado Ruellia: finally a sterile and clump forming Mexican Petunia with a medium-sized habit producing a spring to fall display of purple trumpet shaped flowers that attract pollinators. Its denser naturally branching habit makes this a choice container specimen or utilize its flower power in the garden and landscape.

Archangel™ Cherry Red Angelonia: a breakthrough color that is so far the nearest to red of any of the Summer Snapdragons. This tough heat and sunloving annual to tender perennial produces deep cherry pink flowers in dense spikes non-stop from spring to fall. Archangel™ Cherry Red Angelonia develops into a well-branched medium-sized plant that makes for easy and forgiving container specimens, use it in mixed containers, as well as in the garden and landscape.

Daisy Mae Japanese Aster: who says you have to wait until fall for asters! Daisy Mae produces over 1" wide pure white daisies with a contrasting yellow eye nearly continuously beginning in late spring and continuing throughout summer and into fall. The Japanese Asters are low clump forming slowly spreading perennials that have proven to be quite happy in the heat and humidity of the deep South where so many other perennials tend to melt. Image courtesy of North Creek Nurseries, all rights reserved.

Buzz™ Hot Raspberry Butterfly Bush: dense conical clusters of fragrant hot raspberry red flowers are produced from late spring through summer and into fall against a foil of contrasting gray-green foliage. Buzz™ Hot Raspberry develops into a densely branching compact plant that is small enough for containers or utilize its flower power in the garden and landscape. The nectar rich flowers attract pollinators of all shapes and sizes. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture, all rights reserved.

Dark Knight Bluebeard: the dense whorled clusters of pollinator attracting dark blue-purple short tubular flowers surround the stems and are held against the blue-green foliage. This shrub-like perennial to die-back perennial begins flowering in late spring or early summer for us and continues into fall. Bluebeard loves the heat and sun and is somewhat drought resistant once established. Provide an average moist well-drained soil for optimum vigor and flowering.

Splash™ Pinot Grigio Hardy Hibiscus: the huge white flowers to 10" across are centered by contrasting dark burgundy eyes and the outer edges of the petals are blushed pink. Splash™ Pinot Grigio Hibiscus is an early and long flowering selection with a densely branching compact habit. Like all of the Perennial or Hardy Hibiscus this one enjoys a moist fertile soil in a full to mostly sunny site.

Summer Carnival Variegated Hardy Hibiscus: ooh-la-la! This beauty boasts wonderfully variegated red, pink, cream, and white foliage that is topped by clusters of large darkly contrasting deep red flowers. There is no doubt that this plant is going to be an exceptionally attractive traffic stopping conversation piece that provides a riot of color throughout summer. One of the coolest new perennials to hit the market! Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved.

Maiden's Jealousy or Showers of Gold Vine: why did we wait so long to get to know this beauty! It flowers from late spring to fall to year round under warm tropical conditions producing conical clusters of sunny yellow starry flowers that age to white with anthers that darken to a contrasting red with age. All other yellow flowered vines should blush at the sheer flower power of this gorgeous gal. Tame enough for containers or allow it to twine around a sturdy support. Heat and sunloving.

Summerific© Berry Awesome Hardy Hibiscus: large 8" wide purplish pink showy flowers are produced throughout summer atop full naturally branching plants adorned with dark burgundy tinged foliage. Summerific© Berry Awesome is an indeterminate flowering hardy hibiscus that flowers all up and down the stems instead of just on the top half of the plant like older varieties creating a knockout display in the garden. Another very cool introduction from Walter's Gardens and it won the 2019 Proven Winners Perennial Plant of the Year award. Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved.