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Sizzling HOT, HOT, HOT Summer Color that can take the heat!

We have added over 240 new plants to our 2021 catalog! This includes some of the newest, coolest, and most exciting plants on the market for continuous spring, summer, and fall color. Utilize them for both containers as well as for continuous color in the garden and landscape. Enjoy! Clockwise from upper right:

Pink Pong Salvia, Salvia x 'Pink Pong' PPAF PBRAF: New to the US in 2021 along with Cherry Lips, Amethyst Lips, Day Glow, and African Sky Salvias! Our never-ending search for great Salvias with excellent flower power that work well in the heat, rain, and humidity of the south central and southeastern US continues. Pink Pong Salvia, from breeding work in the perennially cloudy and wet English Isles, is a spring to fall flowering hybrid producing brilliant pink, two-lipped tubular flowers that emerge from the whorls of darkly contrasting calyxes on dark colored spikes atop a mound of apple green foliage. It grows to about 24-30'H x 12-24'W making it a perfect candidate for easy and rewarding container specimens as well as in the garden and landscape in zones 8-11. Hummingbirds, bees, and the occasional butterfly are attracted to its nectar rich flowers. Image courtesy of New World Plants, all rights reserved.

SUMMERIFIC® Cherry Choco Latte Hardy Hibiscus, Hibiscus x 'Cherry Choco Latte' PP30738 CPBRAF: The SUMMERIFIC® Hibiscus series developed by Walter's Gardens in Zeeland, Michigan, are renowned for their cold hardiness, their indeterminate nature meaning that they flower from the top to the bottom of the plants over a longer period that begins earlier, all on compact yet vigorous well-branched plants. SUMMERIFIC® Cherry Choco Latte sports large 8-9" wide white flowers blushed with cherry pink and are accented by contrasting dark cherry red and pink veining originating from the contrasting dark burgundy eye and running to the edges of the full overlapping petals. The large light colored flowers standout like spotlights against a wonderfully contrasting foil of purple to purplish-green foliage. Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved.

Bandolero® Pineapple Lantana, Lantana camara 'Bandolero Pineapple' PPAF?: Comparable to the Bandana® Lantanas, the Bandolero®s are slightly more vigorous developing into 18-24"H x 18-24"W mounds of deep green foliage that is nearly hidden by the rounded clusters of larger than normal flowers that mature through shades of yellow - opening a sunny yellow and deepening into golds. Use the Bandolero® Lantanas as container specimens as well as in the garden and landscape where they are sure to attract a variety of pollinators throughout the growing season. Image courtesy of Syngenta Flowers, Inc., all rights reserved.

SUMMERIFIC® Candy Crush Hardy Hibiscus, Hibiscus x 'Candy Crush' PP32587: Large, 8-9" wide, bubblegum pink flowers with a contrasting burgundy eye are held against a foil of deep green foliage throughout the growing season! Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved.

Bloomify™ Orange Lantana, Lantana 'Baloomor' PPAF: New for 2022 Pre-Introduction! The University of Florida's sterile Lantana breeding program continues to add new colors on compact, densely branching plants. Bloomify™ Orange Lantana opens a soft pastel yellow, deepens through sunny yellows and golds, finally maturing into shades of orange. Bloomify™ Mango and Bloomify™ Pink are also new 2021-22 additions for this series. The plants are small enough for smaller specimen containers, for use in combinations, as well as in the garden and landscape. Great for pollinators while still protecting endangered native Lantana species and reducing the chance for spread via seed. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture Company, all rights reserved.

Under the Sea™ Red Snapper Coleus, Coleus scuttelarioides 'Red Snapper': Talk about POP! The intensely colored, large, tropical-looking, frilly scallop edged, ruffled foliage is centered by a dark velvety quilted heart in shades of eggplant, dark maroon, burgundy, and purple with lighter veining and is surrounded by a broad band of starkly contrasting, glowing magenta with fine veins of hot fuchsia. Under the Sea™ Red Snapper Coleus is a traffic stopping, head turning addition to containers as a thriller or filler and as specimen plant, as well as in the garden and landscape for color from spring to frost. This is a mound forming coleus growing to about 12-18"H x 18-24"W. Make container gardening like a day at the beach with the Under the Sea™ Coleus series offering a wide range of sizes from the diminutive windowsill-sized 5-10" high Under the Sea™ Sea Monkeys to bold and beautiful standard sized varieties. Most varieties in this series are both sun and shade tolerant.

Aztec Pink and White™ Mexican PetuniaRuellia simplex 'R15-24-17' PP30988: The first bicolor Mexican Petunia and it's sterile! The pure white trumpets display a wonderfully contrasting deep magenta throat all on a medium-sized well-branched plant with excellent flower power. The Aztec™ series grows to about 18"H x 18-24"W making them excellent, easy care container specimens and in mixed container gardens or add them to the garden and landscape for reliable summerlong color. Look for Aztec Pink™ and Aztec Purple™ Ruellias to be available this summer! We have also added the sterile Mayan™ series which grows to standard heights of 24-36" high and wide and come in purple, pink, and white with larger flowers than the species. These sterile Mexican Petunias alleviate Ruellia's invasive potential to spread via seeds and allows for more energy to be spent on a continuous flower show. As tough, easy, and reliable as always!

SUMMERIFIC® Cranberry Crush Hardy Hibiscus, Hibiscus x 'Cranberry Crush' PP21984: The large rich scarlet red 8" wide, slightly cupped flowers are held against a foil of dark green foliage with purple overtones providing a summer into fall parade of flowers. Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved.

Persian Carpet FlowerCeropegia sordida, Edithcolea grandis: The 3-5" wide, pale yellow to near white, starfish-shaped flowers are overlaid with burgundy and dark burgundy variegation reminiscent of the intricate weave of a Persian carpet. The flowers open atop a densely branching mass of prickly succulent stems that can range from green to burgundy. This unusual and somewhat rare succulent is an easy to grow windowsill or patio plant from the deserts of tropical Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is tolerant of full sun to very bright shade and flowering occurs in summer. This tropical succulent prefers a warm winter location.

SUMMERIFIC® Evening Rose Hardy Hibiscus, Hibiscus x 'Evening Rose' PPAF CBRAF: The summerlong display of 8" wide intense deep magenta pink, crinkly flowers are centered by a deep burgundy eye and are held against a foil of near black foliage. From Walter's Gardens: "we are proud to introduce 'Evening Rose' as an excellent combination of hot pink flowers and near black foliage. 8" puckered flowers cover the round, dense habit top to bottom. Compared to 'Berry Awesome', the foliage is much darker and the flower color is more magenta than lavender. A must have statement piece for your garden!". Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved.

Bandolero® Red Lantana, Lantana camara 'Bandolero Red' PPAF?: Fiery rounded flower clusters open a deep golden orange darkening into intense red at maturity all the while attracting bees, butterflies, and low flying hummingbirds. Bandolero® Red Lantana, new in 2020, boasts bigger bolder flowers, larger growing more vigorous, mound-forming plants that grow to about 1/3 larger than the Bandana® Lantanas making them a better choice in cooler summer climates. Utilize the Bandolero® Lantana's flower power in larger containers as low-maintenance specimen plants or in mixed company as well as for reliable spring to fall color in the garden and landscape. Image courtesy of Syngenta Flowers, Inc., all rights reserved.

SUMMERIFIC® Holy Grail Hardy Hibiscus, Hibiscus x 'Holy Grail' PP31478 CPBRAF: The pinnacle of Hardy Hibiscus breeding in traffic stopping form! The summerlong display of huge 8-9" wide, textured, dark red flowers are set against a foil of deep dark maroonish-purple near black foliage all on a heavy flowering well-branched plant. SUMMERIFIC® Holy Grail Perennial or Hardy Hibiscus is a vigorous clump-forming perennial that develops into a full, but compact well-branched plant with exceptional flower power. Like most other Walter's Gardens introductions, SUMMERIFIC® Holy Grail is an indeterminate plant producing flowers from the top to the bottom of the plants creating an amazing summer into fall display in the garden and landscape. Image courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved.