Don't miss out on our 2019 Sizzlin’ Summer Sale! We have over 70 great plants that are primed for pollinators marked down including: Lantanas, Blue and Coral Porterweed, Hummingbird Bushes, Vitex, and much more! Shown at left or above on mobile, clockwise from top right: Margie Griffith Salvia, Fashionably Early Crystal Phlox, Dallas Red Lantana, Aphrodite’s Purple Nightie Passionflower, Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana, Double Blue Balloon Flower, Herbstonne Rudbeckia or Coneflower, and Grandpa’s Pumpkin Patch Lantana.

Fashionably Early Crystal Phlox - this hybrid Garden Phlox literally flowers for months! It has been in flower since late May and is still flowering here in mid-August! A disease resistant hybrid with a slightly more compact habit and it readily multiplies developing into a mass of foliage and stems. Phlox are butterfly pollinated plants but this one is sure to also attract larger moths to the Moon Moth Garden.

Lantana are fantastic pollinator plants that attract a wide variety of butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds with their colorful clusters of flowers. Whether you use them in the garden or landscape or as container plants, these heat and sun-loving perennials are sure to draw in a continuous crowd of fluttering wonders. Most Lantana cultivars are hardy well into zone 8 but if you are in zone 7 consider the Chapel Hill™ varieties like: Chapel Hill™ Pink Huff - new for 2019, Gold, Yellow, and Sunnyside Up. Grandpa’s Pumpkin Patch is a popular orange shrub Lantana with excellent flower power and minimal fruit production - a Greg Grant introduction. Dallas Red is still likely the very best red shrub Lantana which is nearly sterile meaning it produces minimal fruit and can concentrate on flower production.

A new for 2018 introduction, Aphrodite’s Purple Nightie Passionflower is an exceptionally vigorous, exceptionally free-flowering Passionvine. It’s well branched habit and delicate foliage lend it to use in medium-sized containers as well as on small to medium trellises, fences, and arbors. The exotic purple flowers are 3-4 inches across and can literally cover up the plant under good conditions.

Probably the most elegant of the Coneflowers whose flowers, foliage, and form lend it to use even in formal settings, Herbstonne or Autumn Sun Rudbeckia produces spikes of 4 foot high sturdy stems topped with 3-5 inch wide bright sunny yellow coneflowers. The nectar rich disk flowers, which make up the cone, attract a non-stop procession of bumblebees and smaller butterflies. The rich dark green foliage slowly spreads developing into a dense groundcover on well-established plants. Easy and reliable and still probably our favorite Rudbeckia for the garden.

Margie Griffith Salvia is a vigorous fall flowering hybrid that produces large 2 inch long velvety purple tubular flowers just in time for the fall hummingbird migration. It is a vigorous plant that can reach 5-7 feet high and wide so plan to give a little room in the garden and landscape. Developed and named by Donna Dittman of LSU - Geaux Tigers!