Don't miss out on our 2019 Sizzlin' Summer Sale! We have over 70 plants that are primed for pollinators marked down including: Lantanas, Blue and Coral Porterweed, Hummingbird Bushes, Vitex, and much more!

We have added over 95 new products for the 2019 season with more to come! Shown at left, or above on mobile, clockwise from the top right are: Amante Salvia, Chapel Hill™ Pink Huff Lantana, Princess Iochroma, Tammia Camellia, Sweet Fantasy Big Leaf Hydrangea, Kisses and Wishes Salvia, Crushed Coral Mamou, and Airbrush Effect Perennial Hibiscus.

Amante Salvia is one of the most exciting new Salvias to come to the market since the introduction of its sister seedling the very impressive flower power filled Amistad Salvia. New for 2019, Amante is considered to be a breakthrough color in the Salvia guaranitica or Anise Sage line of hybrids producing vivid fuchsia pink tubular flowers that emerge from black calyxes. Like Amistad it begins flowering at a very young age and should continuously flower during all but winter. Provide it with a full to mostly sunny location for optimum vigor and flower production. Sure to be a Hummingbird magnet!

Another new Salvia but in the Wish line is the new for 2019 Kisses and Wishes Salvia. Like its sisters (Love and Wishes, Ember’s Wish, and Wendy’s Wish) but with rosy pink large 2” long tubular flowers that are sure to attract Hummingbirds and even larger butterflies. Give it room in the garden or enjoy all summer long as a medium-sized container plant.

An Almost Eden exclusive introduction, Crushed Coral Mamou or Coral Bean produces dense clusters of 2-3” long pink tubular flowers that emerge from darkly contrasting calyxes in spring to early summer. The Mamou or Coral Bean is a nearly indestructible native perennial that is drought and pest resistant. Pollinated flowers are followed by near black bean pods that open to intense orange seeds. As the plants age they produce more and more flower spikes.

Airbrush Effect Perennial Hibiscus is a new introduction from the breeding work at Walter’s Gardens in Zeeland, Michigan. It produces large 8”+ rosy pink full flowers that look as though they have been airbrushed with white from the base of the petals about half way to outer edges and are centered by a deep red ‘heart’. This is an indeterminate Perennial Hibiscus and for us gardeners that means that it will flower over a longer period with flowers down the stems as well as at the tips. Airbrush Effect Hibiscus is a root hardy perennial that enjoys a full sun position with consistently moist moderately fertile soils. Image courtesy of Walter’s Gardens,Inc., all rights reserved.

How about a new Chapel Hill™ Lantana! A sport of the ever popular and zone 7 hardy Miss Huff Lantana, Chapel Hill™ Pink Huff produces flower clusters that open primrose yellow and mature to a rosy pink all on a slightly more compact very free flowering plant. An excellent choice for pollinator gardens that is sure to flower throughout the growing season.

With large rounded pink flower clusters that are striped and flecked like peppermint candy the Sweet Fantasy Big Leaf Hydrangea is sure to dazzle any onlookers. Expect pink flowers in alkaline soils and blue and purple flowers in acid to neutral soils. I think the amazing flower color combination says it all for this new plant!

Tammia Camellia produces small perfectly formed white to light pink flowers that are edged in deep pink in mid to late season. It is a vigorous and healthy plant that is sure to brighten the late winter and early spring gardens and landscapes. Tammia has a naturally upright full and bushy growth habit.

Large clusters of widely flaring tubular dark rosy pink flowers that lighten with age and resemble miniature Angel’s Trumpets are produced throughout the growing season on this Iochroma hybrid. Like its sister species and hybrids, the Princess Iochroma is an upright to spreading tropical shrub that is hummingbird pollinated. Iochromas or Tubeflowers make easy and rewarding container plants that are tolerant of partially shaded conditions and like it hot!