Heat Up Your Summer! - Add a little spice to your patio and gardens with these pollinator-attracting summer sizzlers!

We've already added more than 150 new plants to our lineup for spring and summer of 2020 and there will be more to come! Shown at left or above on mobile platforms, clockwise from top right: Hot Blooded™ Red Lantana, Saucy™ Red Salvia, Timeless© Golden Empire™ Bidens, Cappuccino Black-Eyed Susan, Terra Nova© Marrakesh Coleus, Poquito™ Butter Yellow Hummingbird Mint, Mariachi™ Siesta Helenium, Bee Happy™ Red Improved Bidens, Deam's Black-Eyed Susan. Here are a few of our most exciting new pollinator plants to get your garden primed for summer:

Hot Blooded™ Red Lantana: a new sterile and exceptionally free-flowering selection of Lantana with a dense well-branched compact mounded habit and improved vigor over other similar dwarf Lantanas.

Saucy™ Red Salvia: like the annual Salvia of old but bigger, better, and bolder! The 2 inch long intense red tubular flowers emerge from equally dark calyxes on a 2-3 foot high hummingbird attracting machine!

Timeless© Golden Empire™ Bidens: expect continuous flowering from spring to fall atop this neat rounded mound of brilliant golden yellow daisy-like flowers.

Cappuccino Black-Eyed Susan: An eye-opening statement maker, this tetraploid selection of our US native Rudbeckia hirta sports large flowers over a longer season! Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture.

Terra Nova© Marrakesh Coleus: bring a little sizzle into the shade! Like the famed spice market this colorful compact densely branching Coleus is sure to mix it up a little, boasting shades of yellow, orange, red. No deadheading or pinching required for this newcomer! Image courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.

Poquito™ Butter Yellow Hummingbird Mint: the TOP Agastache at the 2019 UGA Trial Gardens! This neat, densely branching plant is a hummingbird's dream producing dense spikes of rich buttery yellow tubular flowers from spring to fall! Image courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.

Mariachi™ Siesta Helenium: hotter than a habanero and redder than a chili! You'll be seeking a sombrero in the shade while these little perennials sizzle for weeks in summer! A compact well-branched exceptionally free flowering selection of US native that attracts bees and smaller butterflies. Image courtesy of Plants Nouveau, Inc.

Bee Happy™ Red Improved Bidens: scorching deep red to red-orange bee-attracting daisies are centered by a brightly contrasting golden eye and literally cover up the deep green foliage. All on vigorous, heat tolerant, exceptionally free flowering neatly mounding plants. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture.

Deam's Black-Eyed Susan: the large golden yellow dark-eyed daisies shine like the August sun! Similar to the old staple Goldsturm but boasting improved disease resistance and larger flowers on easy clump forming plants. Image courtesy of North Creek Nurseries.