Don't Miss Our 2023 Fall Clearance Sale

Our fall sale includes most of our Proven Winners® products like the Summerific® Perennial Hibiscus and Hydrangeas as well as most of our Lantanas, many Hoyas, Fig trees, and more! We are clearing out our inventory, like the more commercially available Proven Winners®, as we move back toward our roots growing beautiful, unusual, exotic, and native plants that are good garden performers.

Fall and winter are excellent times to plant reliably hardy woody trees, shrubs, vines and perennials. This is the least stressful time to establish plants in the garden and landscape as moisture tends to be more readily available and the plants are dormant or are on their way to going dormant thus moisture is less in demand. Even though the tops are dormant, the root systems can continue to grow throughout fall and winter giving these plants a headstart on spring.

When we say "reliably hardy" we are typically referring to plants that are one or more zones more cold hardy than your growing zone. For example, many of the Summerific® Perennial or Hardy Hibiscus are considered to be reliably hardy to zone 5. Optimally, you should be able to successfully establish these perennials in the garden in USDA Cold Hardiness Zones 6-10. Even then, an organic, insulative but breathable mulch, like pine needles or pine bark, will help to ensure their survival. In zone 5, it may be best to wait until spring to establish these perennials to give them a full growing season before being exposed to the harshest winter conditions that they are known to withstand.

For more on growing and caring for Hardy or Perennial Hibiscus see our Hardy or Perennial Hibiscus Growing Guide at:

For more in-depth information about the whys and hows of proper mulching techniques please see our Mulching Growing Guide:

You can even order now and have your plants shipped in spring or whenever it is the best time for you to plant. The checkout form on our website will allow you to pick a week up to six months in advance but if you need a later shipping date just denote that in the comments at check out and we'll be happy to work with you.

Images of Pyromania® Rocket's Red Glare Kniphofia, the Summerific® Hibiscus, and Fall in Love™ Sweetly Japanese Anemone are all courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc., all rights reserved. The Hydrangea images, with the exception of the white Limelight Hydrangea image, are courtesy of Proven Winners®, all rights reserved.