Camellias and Sasanquas are excellent low maintenance evergreens for Fall, Winter, and Spring color! Use them as specimen plants, hedges, screens, bonsai, container plants, and you can even train some of the larger types into tree standards. We have added nearly 30 new cultivars to our selection for 2019 including some of the hottest most exciting releases from the breeding work of Bobby Green and Green Nurseries of Fairhope, Alabama. We had so many we decided to create a category just for them within our Camellia and Sasanqua Selector. Shown at left or above on mobile, clockwise from top right: Starman™, Mockingbird’s Blush™, Tama-No-Ura, Mine-No-Yuki Sasanqua, Hana-Nana Sasanqua, Grey Ghosts™ Sasanqua, Mary Allen Sargent™, and Jury’s Yellow. To learn more about how to grow Camellias and Sasanquas see our Growing Guide

Starman™ Camellia - the medium to large semi-double flowers are a dark rosy pink at the outer most edges fading to white at the center with a nicely contrasting boss of gold tipped stamens. Starman™ Camellia is a Green Nurseries hybrid that resulted from crossing a Japonica with Sasanqua and has garnered the best of both worlds including the sun tolerance of the Sasanquas and it begins flowering early in the season with blossoms into spring or late in the season.

Mockingbird’s Blush™ Camellia - the perfectly formed white blushing to pale pink medium-sized flowers are produced very early in the season and stand out nicely against the blanket of deep green foliage. This is a compact and well-branched Camellia hybrid from the breeding work of Bobby Green and Green's Nurseries.

Tama-No-Ura Camellia - A very heavily flowering Japonica, Tama-No-Ura produces loads of deep red single flowers that are edged in a broad band of clean white with a boss of bright sunny yellow stamens. It flowers from early to midseason and is a vigorous upright upright growing plant with a somewhat open habit when young.Another exceptional hybrid from the breeding work of Bobby Green and Green's Nurseries.

Mine-No-Yuki Sasanqua Camellia - A compact yet vigorous growing heirloom Sasanqua producing 2-3" wide pure white frilly double flowers beginning in fall and continuing into early winter. A great choice for a low to medium-sized hedge and like other Sasanquas it is more sun tolerant than the typical Japonica.

Hana-Nana Sasanqua Camellia - The large single white flowers are heavily edged in deep rosy pink and at times with tinges of purple and are produced over an exceptionally long season from fall to early winter. Hana-Nana Sasanqua is a seedling of Hana-Jiman with a low and spreading densely branching habit that boasts purple tinged new growth. The naturally low habit lends Hana-Nana to use as a low to medium-sized hedge and as a container specimen. A Bobby Green and Green Nurseries introduction.

Grey Ghosts™ Sasanqua Camellia - The new growth of this exciting new Sasanqua is heavily splashed, flecked, and overlaid with silvery white providing double duty with the single red fall blossoms. Grey Ghosts™ Sasanqua Camellia is a moderately vigorous Green Nurseries introduction that will develop into a medium to large evergreen shrub and is well-suited for use as a hedge, screen, or specimen plant.

Mary Allen Sargent™ Camellia - Brilliant cherry red dense peony form medium-sized flowers are produced in mid to late season. Bobby Green states that the flowers of Mary Allen Sargent™ Camellia are of "a more brilliant color" than the dark red of the old favorite Professor Charles S. Sargent. This 2017 Green Nurseries introduction has a dense compact habit and slowly develops into a large evergreen shrub making it a choice selection for container culture as well as a bright show of color in the winter and early spring landscape.

Jury’s Yellow Camellia - one of the very first and highly prized 'yellow' flowered Camellia hybrids and is still highly sought after today. It boasts an exceptionally long flowering period lasting from early to late season (late fall to spring). Jury’s Yellow Camellia produces medium-sized anemone white and pale creamy yellow flowers whose central petaloids are interspersed with yellow stamens helping to create the 'yellow' effect. This is a vigorous and densely branching Japonica with an upright to rounded habit.

Images courtesy of Bobby Green and Green Nurseries, excluding Jury's Yellow, all rights reserved.