Prime Plants for Producing a Pollinator Paradise - Part II - New for 2020

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We've already added more than 100 new plants to our lineup for spring of 2020 and there will be more to come! Shown at left or above on mobile platforms, clockwise from top right: At Last Mountain Laurel, Honeybells™ Cigar Plant, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Roman Red Salvia, Concord Grape Spiderwort, Vermillionaire™ Cigar Plant, Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris, Kung Fuchsia Phlox. Here are a few of our most exciting new pollinator plants to get your garden primed for the 2020 season:

At Last Mountain Laurel: This is honestly one of the most exciting new shrub introductions possibly of the decade! The At Last Mountain Laurel originates from southern heat tolerant stock a mere 80 miles north of Pensacola, Florida. This is the 1st pink flowered selection to be offered and for anyone else who has salivated over the colors available to gardens of the northeast this is truly a breakthrough! This shade tolerant native shrub can flower for weeks producing large clusters of the unusual pink bowl shaped, 5-pointed flowers that have spring loaded stamens. To learn more about this excellent native bee-pollinated shrub and its unique pollination system just click the link above.

Honeybells™ Cigar Plant: Cupheas are hands down one of the top favorites for hummingbird gardeners due to their amazing flower power and Honeybells™ Cigar Plant is no slacker! Similar to David Verity and the new Vermillionaire, this compact well-branched dwarf Cuphea with yellow tipped pink tubular flowers is perfectly sized for creating colorful containers but will make a spring to frost statement in the sunny garden and landscape as well. Few plants can compete with Salvias for their flowering prowess and ability to withstand the heat and humidity of summer without batting an eye the way that Cupheas can! Plant with caution as your neighbors hummingbirds may raid your garden daily ;)

Rocky Mountain Penstemon: your first encounter with this native perennial in full spectacular bloom is unforgettable. Rocky Mountain Penstemon is a clump-forming long-lived Beardtongue that can flower for weeks in summer and an endless array of pollinators will work them throughout. The large, almost Foxglove-sized blue-purple flowers adorn dense sturdy stalks atop the smooth deep green foliage. Provide a full to mostly sunny location and good to excellent drainage to ensure it graces your garden season after season.

Roman Red Salvia: the horticultural world has been waiting for a vigorous deep red Salvia with the vigor and size of the Wish series and it has arrived! Roman Red Salvia is a big vigorous tropical Salvia that produces tall spikes composed of deep dark red calyxes from which the dark roman red 2" long tubular flowers emerge from spring to frost. Expect the hummingbirds to locate this almost instantly upon their arrival to your garden! Heat and sunloving and suitable for medium-large containers as well as an annual to tender perennial in the garden or landscape.

Concord Grape Spiderwort: the large deep purple flowers of this easy to grow perennial are held against a backdrop of blue-green foliage and are produced for weeks atop sturdy stems. The brightly contrasting gold pollen laden anthers attract a variety of native bees and other garden beneficials. Few plants make more reliable long-lived clump forming perennials than our these tough little natives and their hybrids. Enjoy Concord Grape Spiderwort as a component of the garden and landscape or it makes an easy low maintenance container specimen.

Vermillionaire™ Cigar Plant: like David Verity in a smaller neater package, this hot new Cuphea hybrid has taken the market by storm! Another heat and sun loving tropical or tender perennial that will attract hummingbirds from spring to frost! Vermillionaire™ Cigar Plant is small and compact enough for containers to draw the aerial acrobats in close to sitting areas or utilize its summer long show of color in the garden and landscape.

Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris: this is possibly one of the most popular Louisiana Iris introductions of all time! Black Gamecock is a vigorous and award winning Iris whose mysterious dark velvety purple flowers accented with gold signals will enthrall and intrigue even the most particular passersby. I'm pretty sure this one qualifies for the Purple and Gold garden theme, GEAUX Tigers!

Kung Fuchsia Phlox: (cue "Kung Foo Fighting" theme song) need a little kick in your garden, the rounded clusters of hot fuchsia pink flowers of this perennial are sure to provide excitement for weeks! All on an intermediate growing well-behaved slowly spreading clump forming perennial Phlox with deep green glossy and healthy disease resistant foliage. Kung Fuchsia Phlox begins flowering in late spring or early summer and provides some repeat flowering until fall on established plantings. Did you know that Phlox are found only in North America and they are designed for butterfly pollination!