Crazy Cool Combinations for Continuous Color in 2021!

We have added over 200 new plants to our 2021 catalog! This includes some of the newest, coolest, and most exciting plants on the market for continuous spring, summer, and fall color. Utilize them for both containers as well as for continuous color in the garden and landscape. Enjoy! Clockwise from upper right:

Amigo Salvia, Salvia x 'Amigo' PPAF PBRAF: New in 2021 in the US! The large 2" long violet colored tubular buds open to display a bright pink mouth and tips all emerging from deep black tubular calyxes and flower spikes atop sturdy stems. Amigo Salvia is the latest addition to the Friendship Sage line that began with the super reliable and deservedly popular Amistad Salvia. This easy and vigorous Salvia tops out about 5'H once fully established and expect it to flower from spring until the first killing frost. Image courtesy of New World Plants, all rights reserved.

Bandana Landscape® Clementine Lantana, Lantana 'Landscape Bandana Clementine' PPAF: We are in love with the color and vigor of this new Lantana! The rounded flower clusters open golden yellow and deepen through shades of orange as they age all atop a mounding plant with dark green foliage growing to 18"H x 36"W. Landscape Bandana® Clementine Lantana was selected it for its low mounding habit and golden orange nectar rich flowers. Its mounding to trailing habit lend this selection to use as a groundcover or for near the front of the garden and landscape as well as for use as a spiller or filler in containers. Image courtesy of Syngenta© Flowers, all rights reserved.

Tattoo™ Black Cherry Vinca, Catharanthus roseus 'PAS1192838': the 2018 Greenhouse Grower Industry's Choice Best New Variety Medal of Excellence Award winner! The unusual, tropical looking, cherry red flowers appear to be brushed with deep purple and are produced from spring to fall held atop glossy deep green foliage. Tattoo™ Black Cherry Vinca or Periwinkle is an award winning, heat and sun-loving tropical with amazing flower power and excellent disease resistance on an upright to mounding plant perfectly suited to container culture or the hottest garden and landscape setting. Use this conversation starting beauty as a specimen plant for low maintenance containers, use it as a filler in mixed container gardens, or as colorful addition to the garden and landscape where it will shine throughout the growing season. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture, Inc., all rights reserved.

Rising Sun© Chestnut Gold Black-Eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta 'Chestnut Gold' PPAF: The huge 4-6" wide, golden yellow, upward facing, dark-eyed daisies are centered by a wide contrasting band of deep orange-red and are produced throughout the growing season atop sturdy stems on an exceptionally free flowering perennial. The award winning Rising Sun® Chestnut Gold Black-Eyed Susan, a selection of our native Rudbeckia hirta, flowers continuously throughout the growing season which is a breakthrough for cultivars of this species which are normally long-day or summer flowering mainly. Its compact, well-branched, naturally rounded habit lends this cultivar to use as low-maintenance traffic-stopping specimen containers or add it to the garden and landscape for a riot of color from spring to fall. The central disk flowers offer nectar and pollen to bees, smaller butterflies, and other garden beneficials. Provide a full to mostly sunny site in a well-drained, average moist, fertile soil for optimum vigor and flowering. Images courtesy of Green-Fuse Botanicals, Inc., all rights reserved.

Illumination™ Flame Digiplexis, Digitalis hybrid 'DG 09/4' PP25442: Award winning flower power! Tall dense spikes of fuchsia to red foxglove flowers with contrasting orange, pale yellow, to cream colored throats that are overlaid with dark flecking and are produced from mid to late spring until fall attracting hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators. Illumination™ Flame Digiplexis was the first of these now highly popular cross-generic hybrids between the tropical Canary Island Isoplexis (now classified as a Digitalis) and Digitalis purpurea producing a vigorous and exceptionally free flowering hybrid. This is a rosette forming perennial with large medium-green quilted foliage that is resistant to rust and other foliar diseases common to typical Foxgloves. These new longer flowering hybrids can be added to the garden and landscape but also make showy container specimens. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture, Inc., all rights reserved.

Great Falls™ Iguazu Trailing Coleus, Coleus scuttelarioides 'Great Falls Iguazu' PPAF or PBR: The mounding to trailing stems are adorned with beautifully variegated rounded foliage that is brushed with a patch of creamy white to pale yellow at its base that creates a stark contrast with the patches of burgundy, purple, and magenta all edged in a narrow band of blue green. Great Falls™ Iguazu Coleus is a compact well-branched selection that is perfectly suited to create colorful hanging baskets, window boxes, specimen container plants, as a filler or spiller in mixed container gardens, as well as in the garden and landscape. This was the top-rated Coleus in 2017 trials at Penn State receiving a 4.96 out of a possible 5! Sun and shade tolerant. Image courtesy of Dummen Orange, all rights reserved.

Funny Face Cigar PlantCuphea 'Funny Face' PPAF: The super cute, 1" long, hot fuchsia colored, nodding tubular flowers are tipped in starkly contrasting bright sunny yellow and are adorned with two tiny rounded purple to red-purple ears with matching filaments emerging from the tube that are tipped in yellow pollen. Funny Face Cuphea or Cigar Plant is a hybrid selection with a compact well-branched mounding habit and excellent spring to fall flower power all the while attracting hummingbirds, bees, and the occassional butterfly. Use this adorable heat and sunloving tropical in hanging baskets, window boxes and specimen containers, in mixed container gardens as a filler or spiller, or add it to the garden and landscape. Provide a full to partly shade location in an average moist, well-drained, fertile soil for optimum vigor and flowering. Photos courtesy of PAC Elsner / Westhoff - /, all rights reserved.

Quartz® Red PenstemonPenstemon 'Balquared' PP32296, EU PBRAF: Intense orange-red funnel-shaped flowers are produced on sturdy spikes throughout summer on compact, well-branched plants and the flowers are sure to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Quartz® Red Penstemon or Beardtongue was selected for its neat, well-branched compact habit, sturdy flowering stems, intense red showy flowers, and especially for its ability to flower continuously throughout summer. This a clump-forming, heat loving perennial that is perfectly suited to create fantastic specimen container plants as well as in mixed company or utilize its color show in the garden and landscape for summerlong color. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture, Inc., all rights reserved.

YOU&ME® Together Bigleaf HydrangeaHydrangea macrophylla 'Youmefive' or H. macrophylla 'RIE 05' PBR, PP18508: The large, fully double, sterile florets emerge either light pink (alkaline soils) or light blue (acidic soils with Aluminum) and deepen to rosy pink or deep blue as they age and can ultimately become red or deep purple in fall and winter. YOU&ME® Together Bigleaf Hydrangea was selected not only for its double flowers that are produced continuously throughout the growing season atop sturdy stems but also for its dense compact habit that lends it to use as a container specimen. It is equally useful in the garden and landscape for continuous color. Image courtesy of Concept Plants BV®, all rights reserved.

Hummingbird's Lunch Cigar PlantCuphea 'CUPP1751' PP32296, EU PBRAF: This plant covers up in 1" bright cherry red tubular flowers that are tipped in nicely contrasting sunny yellow that are sure to provide a feast of nectar for hummingbirds and other long-tongued pollinators. Hummingbird's Lunch Cuphea is a well-branched, naturally mounding plant to 24"H x 36"W that revels in the heat and sun of summer offering up a riot of continuous color for hanging baskets, window boxes, container specimens, in mixed container gardens as well as in the garden and landscape. This exciting new hybrid Cuphea has received top marks in trials across the US! Image courtesy of PlantHaven International, Inc., all rights reserved.

Purple Falls Trailing LantanaLantana montevidensis 'Purple Falls' PP32828: Large clusters of purple flowers with a white eye adorn this mounding to trailing Lantana from spring or early summer until first frost. Purple Falls Lantana is a 2021 introduction that has a stronger, more densely branching, taller mounding habit and larger, deeper green, more rounded foliage than the common Purple Trailing Lantana, Lantana montedevinsis. The fragrant nectar-rich flowers attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Use this easy to grow perennial as a spiller for mixed container gardens, as specimen container plants, in hanging baskets, or as a colorful spring to fall groundcover in a sunny garden and landscape. Purple Falls Lantana took 10oF in our garden during the winter of 2020-21 and vigorously returned in spring. Image courtesy of Ball Horticulture, Inc., all rights reserved.

Jackpot KniphofiaKniphofia 'Jackpot' PP31283: Tall spikes topped by dense drooping clusters of red-orange tubular buds that mature to yellow creating a narrow contrasting skirt of flowers that are produced atop sturdy stems beginning in early summer and continuing into fall on mature clumps. The tubular flowers are a delight for hummingbirds. Jackpot Kniphofia or Red Hot Poker is a vigorous, cold hardy, reliably repeat flowering selection of this heat tolerant, drought resistant perennial developing into a large mound of wide strap-like bluish-green to gray-green foliage that contrasts nicely with other perennials in the garden. Enjoy it as part of the border, as part of a low maintenance garden and landscape, or as a container specimen. Image courtesy of Walter's Garden, Inc., all rights reserved.