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We are working to make way for the 2021 growing season and are offering over 70 great plants at excellent prices. This includes some of our most popular pollinator plants, some old favorites, and even a selection of some of our newest 2020 additions!

In This Issue of Almost Eden's 2020 Fall Newsletter:

Growing on the Edge: Getting Young Hardy Plants and Tropical Plants Through Winter

Proper Mulching Techniques AND a Deep Dive into Why Roots Need Respiration

Lenticels: Learn How Stems and Roots Breathe

New Website Features: Getting to Know Your Zone


Find your zoneAs gardeners, speaking for myself at least, we always want to try new, exotic, and/or unusual plants and often that entails gardening on the edge of a plant’s USDA Cold Hardiness Zone rating. We happily garden in zone 8B, the warmer half of zone 8, and so we see winter temperatures here that on average fall to about 15oF. Unlike parts of zone 7 and colder winter regions, our soil does not typically freeze to any real depth. This is probably one of the most limiting factors for tropical species, making these showy plants one more possibility for our gardening palette. The more that you know about the species or cultivars that you are working with, the easier it will be to successfully get them through to spring. Read more here

Welcome to Almost Eden

Almost Eden Square Logo 152x152At Almost Eden we specialize in beautiful, unusual and hard to find plants including a large variety of native plants. Our stock encompasses over 1000 varieties/species, spanning 100 different plant families for your home and garden. Our plants are live, growing and well-rooted plants often flowering or large enough to begin flowering when they are shipped with the soil and container intact. We have an excellent selection of plants for pollinators including plants for hummingbird gardens, butterfly gardens, plants that attract a variety of native bees as well as honey bees and even plants for hummingbird moths. We offer unusual and hard to find tropicals like the old fashioned types of free flowering Chinese Hibiscus, the intensely fragrant Night Blooming Jasmine, the true Jasmines and Night Blooming Cereus, as well as a variety of fragrant Angel's Trumpets and Epiphyllums (Orchid Cacti). Each year we add more and more perennials from the tried and true heirlooms, to the easy to grow natives to some of the hottest new varieties out there! We grow a variety of shrubs including a large selection of Camellias as well as deciduous Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Butterfly Bushes and many more unusual and hard to find varieties. Vines include a selection of beautiful and intriguing Passion Flowers, Pipevines, Firecracker Vines, Coral Vines in 3 colors, Coral Honeysuckles, Climbing Roses and many more. Trees include many native species but our Crybaby Trees may be the most popular item on that list! John has a huge collection of figs and each year he works diligently to offer ever more varieties so check back often to see what's available. You can also sign up for our periodic (3-5 times per year normally) newsletter here. We will not send you SPAM nor share, sell, or otherwise distribute your personal information.

Planting and Growing Guides

You've got your new plants so now what do you do with them? We have a selection of Growing Guides specific to Planting New Container Grown Plants in the Garden and Landscape, Uppotting and Repotting Container Grown Plants - includes soil selection, what yellow or brown foliage and green soil indicate, proper watering techniques for containers, as well as individual growing guides specific to various plant types including: Azaleas, Cactus and Succulents, Camellias, Gardenias, Honeysuckles, Hardy or Perennial Hibiscus, Night Blooming Cereus and Epiphyllums, Sambac Jasmines, and more. You can find our Growing Guides page from any page on our website. These are designed for beginning gardeners but have pearls of wisdom that even advanced gardeners may find useful. It is our sincere hope that these guides will help to get your plants growing and thriving for season after season!

Out of Stock Products

The plants that we currently have listed in our online catalog are all plants that we intend to offer in the 2020 season. There may be a few rare exceptions that remain on here for information purposes but we are working toward making those available in the coming seasons. To be notified, when an out of stock product becomes available again, go to the plant's individual product page by clicking the "Details & Growing Info" link OR by clicking on the plant's image in our online catalog. Just click the 'Email me when ready' link below the 'Out of Stock' notice and our system will send you a one-time automatic email letting you know the product is available. You do need to be registered and must be signed in to our website for this feature to work. This action does not add you to any other mailing lists. We do not share, sell or otherwise give out our customer's information nor will we send you loads of SPAM. If you are interested you are welcome to sign up to receive our periodic newsletter by clicking here.


Note: Due to an onrush of orders because of Covid-19 we are currently having to ship 7 days a week trying to get everyone's orders out as quickly as possible. Normally we do our best to avoid having packages remain in the mail that extra day on Sundays but at this point it is unavoidable.

We understand what healthy quality plants should look like and our specially designed packaging system will get them from our greenhouse to your doorstep looking as though they were just plucked from the nursery. We ensure that your plants are secured safely in their soil and container. Our specially designed shipping and packaging system will get your plants to you quickly, carefully and easily via the US Postal Service Priority Mail to anywhere in the US. We will send an email stating when your order will ship and confirming the order information for verification. Please be sure to check your Spam or Junk mail if you don't hear from us within a day or two from when you placed your order. Orders are normally shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays (excluding holidays) of each week to ensure that your plants do not spend the weekend at the post office. Be sure to get your order and payment in by Wednesday at 11:59PM CST, for it to ship out the following Monday. See our Shipping info for more details.

Tracking Your Shipment: We have recently upgraded our packaging system so that your shipping address is verified with the USPS prior to shipping and each package is automatically assigned a tracking number. The instant we print your shipping label you are immediately sent an email that includes your tracking number and a link to the USPS website where you can track your package until it arrives safely at your doorstep. We believe this will help to ensure that your plants get to you in a timely manner and in good condition. Your tracking email will originate from Stamps.com so please add "@stamps.com" to your whitelist so that your tracking email does not end up in your SPAM folder.

Our Customer Service Hours and Onsite Visits

Please enjoy your stroll through our online catalog and if at anytime you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us. Our office and customer service hours are open from 8AM-7PM CST daily. We are here most everyday so feel free to call us anytime during normal hours and John will do his best to answer your call.

Our nursery and gardens are only open to visitors who have a pre-scheduled visit set up. The following contact information is clickable:

( 337 ) 375 - 2114

1240 Smith Rd

Merryville, LA 70653

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Please feel free to rate any of the plants that you might have experience with as this can provide useful and insightful information for your fellow gardeners. We do review the reviews and so it may take time for your review to appear on our website.

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